Saturday, 2 May 2009


Ricoh CX1 f/5, 1/1000, ISO80, -0.3EV

Above : image taken at dusk, late April '09

Ricoh CX1 f/6.3, 1/660, ISO80, -0.7EV

Above : great CX1 colour rendering, with scene colours exactly as I remembered

Ricoh CX1 f/5.2, 1/189, ISO148, -0.7EV

Above : CX1 image quality is maintained at longer focal lengths

Ricoh CX1 f/3.6, 1/73, ISO200, -0.3EV

Above : excellent dynamic range capture of CX1's Sony CMOS sensor

1:1 format

I love to use different formats, rather than just the usual 3:2 the same way as my Panasonic LX3 is almost permanently switched to 16:9, the Ricoh CX1 is already getting plenty of use in 1:1 format, as it does suit certain compositions really well.

Most medium-format photographers will know how useful that can be (as well as a hindrance in some cases, for them) ...CX1 gives you the choice.