Saturday, 2 May 2009


Ricoh CX1 f3.6, 1/73, ISO200, -0.3EV

You know how irritating it can be when you set a white balance that sems to suit the image, only to find out afterwards - without the opportunity to re-shoot - that the jpeg output of your camera can't easily be tweaked in post-processing to balance all the elements of the image. This is especially problematical when the shoot involves mixed lighting.

So far, Ricoh's CX1 is the only camera that I know of - of any type, DSLRs included - where a special 'M-P Auto' setting is provided that maintains accurate rendering of the multi-source lighting that existed at the time. The CX1's standard 'Auto White Balance' already works really well (more reliably than that of the LX3, for example), but for the image above, even better results could be achieved.
Here's an early experimental shot with indoor (tungsten) lighting mixed with incoming daylight, where both colour renderings in the captured image are exactly as seen at the time ... another clear example of the sheer Ricoh innovation at work here.